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Cannabis Disposal laws vary from state to state, but the majority require cannabis waste to be destroyed and blended with 51% non cannabis materials in order to meet requirements of these regulations. Plant Muncher cannabis shredders render cannabis and non-cannabis waste unusable allowing your company to rest assured that waste material has be processed appropriately.

Plant Muncher is the Solution

Plant Muncher line of cannabis waste shredders offer a solution specifically designed to help cannabis producers meet the needs of cannabis disposal regulations.  Marijuana shredding for complete potted plants, stalks, root balls, soil as well as non-cannabis waste blending materials is no challenge for our shredders. Indoor/Outdoor even wet or dry applications these marijuana shredders are up to the challenge. In addition to their robust design they offer high torque with no exhaust fumes along with quiet operation making them a much better solution than a wood chipper for your operation. Contact us to see how Plant Muncher Cannabis waste shredders can benefit your company.

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How quickly you might ask? Depending on your model needs some stock units can ship in as little as a few days to get your operation up and running quickly. Contact customer service today and we will help determine which model is best suited for your operation’s needs.

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