L.M. Smith left cold and foggy San Francisco…

…for hot, ridiculously hot Los Angeles where almost everyday is a dog day of summer. She realized it’s too hot for people to cook at home, so she’d save them all with her meal delivery service.


Smith has been cooking professionally for over 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and more recently, Los Angeles*. Her culinary training started at California Culinary Academy in San Francisco (now Le Cordon Bleu) and includes working in well-renowned restaurants (Zuni Café, Chez Panisse), high-end catering companies, boutique bakeries, and ultimately cooking in private residences for high net-worth clients.
Plant Muncher is an attempt to merge her personal eating habits with her professional cooking life. Fortunately, her food choices have evolved beyond peanut butter on a spoon…now, it’s organic almond butter on a spoon.
*Spoiler alert: she doesn’t have a beard, tattoos or piercings, but she is nonetheless a legit chef.